Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I heard it through the grapevine...

I am absolutely THRILLED with the business I have gotten lately and I really have to hand it to my DC fans - they have been ab fab about spreading the Razzle Dazzle word. Much apprec, ladies!

This group of invites is for an after rehearsal dinner (for the delightful d-rocker Pam Hale) and I bet the attendees will be raising some HALE! (Sorry, I couldn't resist) Anyways, these are all generic so they could work for anything from a corporate event to a birthday or engagement party. Don't forget to click on the image to see it larger!

I really must say, I have been outdoing myself lately. These look awesome! Stay tuned to find out which design Dougie
& Mere choose.

What a Classy Lass!

(Feather) Quill you marry me?

Gettin' kitschy

Brush Strokin'

Blowin in the wind

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I was FINALLY able to pawn off my dotty invite on impressionable little sister. Thanks, Libby, for listening to your wise older sister! Sometimes I really do know what looks good.

tool & gadget

And this is what Carter's invite turned out looking like.
Cute twist on a very popular design!

wine (stock the bar)


To everyone with a wedding coming up this summer!

One Trick Pony

I am not. Although my stationery is super cute and super fun to work on, my day jobs have not been very glamorous. Right out of college I was a designer for an Industrial Machinery business to business magazine, then a creative designer for a direct mail ad agency, and then I was a designer for Intermark Group ad agency. Ok, that's kind of a lie. The agency has several parts (PR/Interactive/Creative/Automotive) and I was a designer for Intermark AUTOMOTIVE. Yep, that's right, I designed car ads & collateral all day. So I guess that's kind of how Razzle Dazzle was born...In order to keep my creative edge (and sanity), I had to design something my style in my spare time.

If you, or someone you know, needs a little design help with their advertising or collateral (or a car ad) send them my way. I do more than invites & stationery!

Here are some others who also appreciate my creativity...

poster for the event, also designed a t-shirt, web burst & icon for the invite

print ad

front 1/2 of a postcard for Carriage House (no, not CH weddings)
I have also done several other postcards for them. (such as the really cute "do you like it haute? top 5 fall fashion must haves" that I don't have digitally)

Meredith is always such a good customer! I designed her biz cards, letterhead, some stuff for her site and the gift cert above (which would make a fabulous spring surprise!) :)

This is a sticker for the paper chase - I also designed the logo, bag imprint, etc.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Wedding season, that is. Business is really picking up! Yea! Today I am sharing some invites I did for a Stock-the-Bar party for a friend of Lucy Thompson's. I am really into the typewriter font lately, as you can tell - it is really clean yet still fun, which is what I am all about! I am also digging on the square invite with the small blue dots & big green dot - this is the 3rd time I have used it!! (Obviously I am the only one who loves it because no one else has chosen it! ) It is SO simple which is totally something I never do, so I think I am loving it just because of that.

PS: Meredith's friends chose the Damask invite for her party. Very cute and classy!

Absolutely Dotty
(This is pretty generic so it could be used for pretty much ANY party)

Gettin' Toasty

Square Wino

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Can work be fun?

Absolutely!! Razzle Dazzle is never really work and today has been no different. I have had a great time coming up with some designs for an engagement party invite for the very talented, one & only, Meredith Leach! Thanks to her friends who so graciously hired me!

Her party invite ideas are below.

Long dots

Lotsa dots

Funky Stripes


Funky Tree


Sunday, April 13, 2008

You're Invited!

These designs range from Engagement parties to Birthday parties. If you can dream it, I can design it. One of my best clients, Sarah Heaton, has commissioned me not only for her personal projects (Paisley & Grammy), but has also hired me to design invites for the events she plans at Bradley Arant Rose & White (DaVinci & Construction [not shown]). She is very creative so she's an easy customer. She comes up with the idea, I just interpret it. :) Thanks, Sarah! You are a great friend and an AWESOME PR agent!

I would also like to give a shout out to Beka Nall - She is really the person who lit a fire under my butt and who I credit with most of my business. B Nalla, I am forever indebted to you!

Invitations are my personal favorite thing to design. I hope you enjoy browsing through them as much as I enjoy creating them!

Don't forget to click on the image if you would like to see it larger!

Stock the Bar Stripes




Libba's Hot Pepper

Libba's Flowers

Libba's Tree

Libba's Dragonfly (This is one of my favorites..SO classy)

Two-Tone Dots

Vaughan's 30!

Happy Birthday Ann Russell!

Emily's Celebration - I made this extra special with a brown satin ribbon tied around the middle.

This is another version of the Emily Celebration - this would be great for a more "fun" & casual party.

Getting Hitched - I have done this is many different sizes & colors - it even works for guys!


Dots - This is by far my most requested design. I have done it in 2 sizes & 3 different color schemes!

Around the House w/ chair
(ps: Cam & Ky didn't have 3 showers in one night...These were all choices that I presented the hostesses with. They chose the dots.)

Blair's Monos & Mims

Ashley - Stock the Bar


'Tis the Season for weddings! These are some recent designs friends have used for their save the date cards. Engagement Party, shower & invites in general coming next!

The first 4 Save-the-Dates were all "options" for my friend, Meredith Leach. Mere's a gifted interior designer, not to mention creator of the FABULOUS mere bags. She generously sent me a bag as payment for design services and it is so stylish, beautiful and oh-so fierce! I would LOVE one of her new white bags for spring. Check her out here (

Meredith's Save the Date (this is the one she used)

Meredith's Save the Date 2

Meredith Leach's Save the Date 3

Meredith Leach's Save the Date 4

Libba's Save the Date (this is the one she used)

Libba's Save the Date 2

Laura's Save the Date

Thursday, April 10, 2008

More Kiddos...

Because my friend Ann Blair is expecting TWINS, I thought I would continue on the children's route. Congrats, AB!

To all those big party throwers and goers, party design is coming, so please stay tuned!

PS: Everything I post here is just an example...If you see something you like but want a different design, shape, size, color, or font, that is totally ok! These are just a jumping off point - something to give you an idea of what the Razz is all about.

Announcements first...

Baby Boy 1

Baby Boy 2

Baby Boy 3

Baby Girl 1

Baby Girl 2

Hudson Announcement

Hudson Announcement 2

Here are some children's enclosure cards...

VK Circus Enclosure

VK Flower Enclosure

VK Enclosure

Hudson Enclosure