Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pricing & Timing

Now that I have steady business, I would like to provide some pricing and timing information to all of you Razzle Dazzle lovers!

Invites take about 5-7 business days to print once they are approved by the client. (Obviously this is in ADDITION to the custom design process which can take anywhere from 1 hr to a few days, depending on the information given to me) I use a commercial printer rather than an ink jet or what you might have in your home office. This seems like a long process, but I proof each piece for color, typos, size, etc. before it goes to print to ensure your final product is perfect. If you are a procrastinator and wait to order your invites, don't fear, there is still hope - although it does come is a pre-packaged box. If you are in a bind and need something quick, you are welcome to look through what is up on the site and use something I have already created (This cuts down on design time but printing is generally the same - occasionally I can rush something but it will still take at least 2-3 biz days to print). I can also have the envelopes shipped directly from the factory to you, which gives you some time to address them before your cards come in.

Moving on to pricing...

First things first...I ask for a deposit of 1/2 of the total up front, payable by cash or check. If I design something for you with your party information and specific requests, I fully expect payment for services. This can be discussed in more detail when we talk about your order. The remainder of the total is payable upon receipt of the final product. I expect to be paid in full upon pickup of the order or as soon as you receive your package if you are outside of Bham.

All of my prices include envelopes when applicable. The prices are pretty general - the only change would be if you wanted to add ribbon to your invite or use a unique envelope or something that I don't normally stock or use (All you lined envelope fans - this means YOU! :) ).

I have had a lot of requests for imprinted return addresses on envelopes. This is totally possible, but the vendors that I use ask for a minimum order of 500 envelopes and is a pretty steep additional cost. Contact me directly for more exact pricing.

Shipping is also an additional cost. I usually use ground shipping and it is between $10-$15 per package depending on the weight of the order. If you want overnight, that can cost up to $50 extra per package.

Invitations (this includes Christmas cards)
25 or less: $2.25 ea.
26-50: $2 ea
51 to 74: $1.75 ea
75+: $1.50 ea
(when you do an invite PLUS a host card, add 50¢ per card)

25: $25
50: $40
75: $60
100: $85

Notecards (flat)
25: $30
50: $52.50
75: $75
100: $95

Graphic Design Services
(I will also quote by job)