Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sometimes I am so good that I surprise myself!

Now, I am just kidding about that title, but I have whipped up some really fantastic designs lately. See what I mean below and keep those orders coming!!!!!

(Remember how I am obsessed with polka dots? I just realized that the sheets in all 3 of my bedrooms have them!!)

Mama & baby (carriage)
I absolutely ADORE this one!!

Classic dots and initials

Beautiful Bride
This one turned out really great.
It took some mad skillz but I love the result.

Funky Flowers
Again, absolutely ADORE.
Really digging on the pink & orange (love it with lime green, too)
I have another version of this in aqua and brown if you prefer.

Real Simple Soirée

And finally...the bling!
Ole 2 carat sparkler
I would say I absolutely adore this one too, BUT...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Enclosure Cards - Order some today!

I posted several times today so be sure to scroll down to see all of my fabulous work...And to learn more about my obsession with paisleys (& stripes & polkas).

The following enclosures are for a great, great friend of mine who is so sweet to always let me test out my creativity on her. This time she did specify to tone down the colors a bit as I am known for loving the bright colors. If you see one you can't live without, or one you would like to tweak to suit your fancy, hit me up. They are running $25 for 25 cards or $40 for 50 cards (Shipping is not included in the price, but I will be happy to send them anywhere you would like).

Also, my beautiful and rather artistic sister has taken up blogging as well. She is a very important and busy college student so it may take her a while to get her work posted, but it will be worth the wait!

Check it out:

An another note, I have continued my reading trend on into the heat of summer. If you are looking for a fantastic book and one I LOVED, check out James Frey's (author of A Million Little Pieces & My Friend Leonard - also favs of mine) Bright Shiny Morning. It is 500 pages long but I absolutely tore through it in about 48 hrs. It is worth every penny of the $20 it is selling for at Target (And worth the weeks on the waiting list if you check it out of the library like I did).

Later {Florida} Gator!

Look at these adorable save-the-dates! These are just 2 of the 7 options I sent the bride - the chosen one had a big chompin' Florida gator on it. I thought this was such a good idea for die hard college football fans! I would be happy to customize these in any team colors OR try to incorporate your mascot like I did for Kibbe & Tad.

ps: yes, those are my fav paisleys again (see below for a post about that)

If you got it, YOU GOT IT!

And these designs have it! I am really loving the stripes, polkas and paisleys!

How fun are these invites?