Saturday, May 24, 2008

Won't you be my neighbor?

It must be the time of year to move! We have a new next door neighbor and several houses on our street have recently gone up for sale. The economy may not be doing so good but it seems to be a perfect time to get into the house of your dreams. Which brings me to my latest client & project...A "We've Moved" card! I have never met Beth - she comes to me by way of Feesh Cakes (aka Katherine Grace) - but she sent me some photos of her family's new home as inspiration for her card. Their house is absolutely amazing! It is modern, funky and extremely beautiful. I had so much fun coming up with these cheeky and very nontraditional designs. I only hope these cards are unusual enough to do the Bailey's fabulous new house justice!

(The winning design is "Our New Nest")

Ship has Sailed

Flew the Coop

Our New Nest

Funky House

Summertime & the Livin' is Easy Part 2

These are round 2 for LF&W's summer recruiting parties. Ginger Ann hasn't chosen one yet but I don't think she can go wrong with ANY of them.

Crazy Cocktails (and my personal favorite!)

Colorful Cocktails

Fancy Schmancy!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Summertime and the Livin' is Easy

The sun...the heat...the just can't beat it! Summer is my favorite time of year and I can't get enough of 2 things...Colorful sun dresses and the beach (or the pool, the lake, etc. You get the picture.) To honor the warm weather, I have been working on some really bright and funky invites. More specifically, I have been working on some invites for a local law firms' summer recruiting parties. Hopefully they will channel the carefree feeling this season brings with them. (I know they sure make me wish I was an attorney - Or at least invited to the parties!)

Quilted Dots

Fruit Stripes

Paper Lanterns

Friday, May 9, 2008

Senior Superlatives

Hey Friends!

Sorry to disappoint, but I don't have any new designs to share today. I just wanted to post and say thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate all the support and encouragement from everyone - and the increased business has been nice, too. A few weeks ago I put the blog stalker up to see just how popular I was, and I think it speaks for itself. If Razzle Dazzle was a senior at DHS, she would be voted "Most Likely to Succeed."

I do have a a couple of new projects for a law firm in town and look forward to getting those up here soon. So stay tuned!

PS: I have heard of several people that have emailed me with an order that I never received. If you email me and don't hear from me within the day, I probably didn't get the email. So try again or call my cell. My email is: and my cell is 256.345.8007.

PPS: The (Feather) Quill you marry me? was the winner for Pam's rehearsal dinner. The others are still up for grabs!